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Our Story


Sisters Kirsten and Austin Westermann got their start interning together in New York City at a fashion showroom in 2012. After some time, they were both hired as wholesale representatives for various designers. "Through the process of seeing emerging collections come to life and selling them domestically and abroad, we slowly grasped what retailers were losing sight of, the customer,” said Austin. The majority of retailers were offering collections based on financial calculations and quick trends, not fit and quality. As trends came and went, Kirsten and Austin wanted to make the transition to retail management and get a better understanding of that end of the business. By being in the store and getting to speak with customers about the clothing, Kirsten and Austin realized once again that there was a disconnect between product and customers.

“Women know what they want out of fashion, it's just a question of who’s actually listening.” - Kirsten Westermann

They wanted to change how women connected with clothing. By starting One Look, they set out to build a business where the customer is always the focal point. Quality, fit and aesthetic are all a priority.

Along with carrying a group of selected brands, the sisters curated their own capsule collection. The One Look dress collection evokes the spirit of the brand: playful femininity with an influence of timeless style.

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